Music Editing and supervision

All of these projects are short scenes of more grandiose films that I added music to, or replaced the pre-existing music. I tried not to let the overall score of the film influence me, instead taking the director's style and adding my own to see where the score would have gone under my supervision.

I also used previously recorded music for these samples, so consider them examples of a temp score rather than a score made for each film.


Throw Me To The Dog (2015)

Being one of the most serious films that I have temped, the scoring I used is rather dark, heavy and minimal. With most of the songs being purely piano based, and the few others only having a couple other instruments, I believed that this style conveyed the main character's emotions perfectly while still lending a helping hand to the feel of the entire film. The songs used in this came from Game of ThronesThe Shawshank RedemptionThe Tree of Life, Niklas Paschburg's album Oceanic, and Penguin Cafe's album The Imperfect Sea.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

For this edit, I made use the score to Ratatouille, which I believed shared the same style as Wes Anderson's directing style. Composed by Michael Giacchino, the song "Heist to Meet You" seemed to fit the film just right with some additional editing, leading me to allow plenty of room for dialogue with the use of button endings.

Life of Pi (2012)

With some dramatic flare, I made use of Thomas Newman's score for Finding Nemo by putting a few songs into this sample. First off, the dramatic, tension inducing song "Barracuda" makes an appearance for the beginning of this scene, only to give way to the panicked and confusing nature of "Friends Not Food."

There Will Be Blood (2007)

For this stylized western(ish) film, I decided to take a slightly "lighter" approach to the score. Because of this, I decided to stick with something primarily guitar based, adding some nice localized flare to the scene. Naturally, I figured a José González song would work perfectly for what I was looking for, so I used his song "Instr." for this scene.