These are all television shows I have worked on in the past, both in studio and out of studio. And even though most of my positions focused in audio related fields, I also have experience working in many other positions (some of which aren't listed here).

If you would like more information about any of these experiences, or the ones that I did not list, feel free to contact me! Additionally, you are welcome to click on any of the show names that are hyperlinked see/hear my work.


Audio Manager

As an audio manager, it is my job to design the system we use as efficiently as possible, working with a budget in mind while still making sure our system still gets the job done. It is also my responsibility to make sure the setup and strike of the system are handled in a timely and safe manner, and making sure any issues the audio team may have are resolved.

Shows: The 36th and 37th Annual EVVY AwardsThe Emerson Channel Comedy Special - Seasons 1 and 2, Murder at the Carlson's

Audio Mix/A1

A healthy amount of my experience is as an audio mix, working on television shows that range from news shows to musical performances. As the mix, my major concern is making sure that all the audio is crisp, clear and sounds as similar to the talent's voice as possible. In order to achieve this, I utilize techniques such as compression, EQ and mic placement, as well as some good old fashioned fader riding. In addition to this, many of these shows also required me to be the audio manager as well, so I would inherit those responsibilities.

Shows: Good Morning EmersonMusicians Wanted, Campus ClashBreaking NewsPentagirls: A Femme Rock MusicalThe Dish, The Punch Line, Wait, Improv Smash


The lighting designer is responsible for lighting the studio and making sure that everything fits in line with the aesthetic. I have experience as a lighting designer and technician, where I was responsible for drawing up a lighting plot, picking color, hanging the lights and striking the grid. It addition to this, as the lighting designer I was also responsible for managing those on the team, making sure that we weren't setting back the production schedule and were on time.

Shows: Internews - Season 1 and 2 (Designer), Oh Snow! (Assistant)

Control Room

In regards to control room positions, most of my experience is as a technical director (TD) or as a video operator (VO). As a technical director, I was responsible for building different fades and wipes for the director, routing video sources, and live cutting cameras as the director and associate director called them. As a video operator, I was responsible for shading the cameras, both before and during taping. This required me to make sure everything was color balanced and that no cameras were over or under exposed, as well as making certain shots look unique with various filters.

Shows: Fast Forward/Rewind (TD), The Punchline (TD), 

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Technical Executive Producer

As a technical executive producer, I was in charge of everything that had to do with technology for the show (as well as some overlapping issues). Boiled down, this meant I was responsible for acquiring gear, working with the different technical departments and making sure that the show help up technically, both while filming and during the editing portion of it. I was also responsible for managing the setup and strike of our system, as well as resolve any issues that arose. 

Shows: The Emerson Channel Comedy Special - Season 3

Boom Operator/Production mixer

As a boom operator, my primary job was to make sure that the boom mic was picking up the production audio. Whether it is movement's made from blocking or the scene's dialogue, it was my job to make sure that everything could be heard. And as a production mixer my job included mixing all of the microphones being used on set, as well as hide them from the view of the camera. To do this I usually had a handheld mixer, boom mic and a few wireless lavaliers, all of which I would mix together to make it sound as clear as possible.

Shows: Conquistadora, Doom's Day,  Ethnic Travels, The Pendulum

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As a shooter and editor, I was responsible for knowing how to use the camera I was using as well as the editing software that I would use. Filming wise, I was responsible for making sure we had plenty of footage (including B-roll), proper lighting and the clean audio. On the editing side of things I was responsible for editing the footage I shot, as well as working with my producer to make sure they liked what I was editing. In addition to this, I also chose the music that I edited the footage to and re-mixed the footage, making sure that the audio side of everything was covered. 

Shows: Backyard Boston (Tourism Segment)