Resonance - Sound Designer and Rerecording Engineer

I had the pleasure to work on this short film as the sound designer and re-recording mixer. The film is about a 25 year old cellist, named Ira, that struggles with a diagnosis of early onset rheumatoid arthritis as he tries to keep his ailment secret from the quartet that he is a part of.

With this subject matter, the design of this film centered around realism and a twinge of darkness towards the end. A large portion of this sound design had to do with ambience work as well, putting an emphasis on the environment that surrounded the characters. In addition to this, the film presented an interesting challenge as I had to properly mix everything around the music of the quartet, keeping it interesting as I cleaned and mixed the dialog and on set sounds. 

Zephyr - Sound Designer

Zephyr is a feature length film that I worked on as a sound designer and sound editor. For this film, I was in charge of creating all the foley and other sound effects for the entire film, as well as syncing them and doing a rough mix.

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