Julius Kukla

Julius Kukla





As a graduate of Emerson College ('18), I took my sweet time figuring out what I was interested in (and still am). Going through college I managed to maintain my focus on audio related things, whether it was in regards to sound design, system maintenance, or mixing. Further confusing myself I worked in television, film, music , and even did some video game work, leading me to learn about various facets of audio.

All of this being said, however, my general experience gives me an insight into things that most people don't have: the ability to cross various fields without skipping a beat. This helps in different ways, but it also allows me to draw similarities between fields and think of more streamlined ways of doing things, regardless of if it is the "normal" way of completing a task. Additionally, this means that I am open to trying any new task in order to learn something new as well, so it doesn't matter if I have experience with a task or not as I will try my best to complete it either way!

Because of this, I find myself enjoying multiple aspects of audio, no matter if it is being a music editor, A1/Mix, or recording engineer. All of these positions allow me to work with what I love about audio, whether it is for film, television, music or video games, and they all give me the ability to develop my skills in regards to editing audio, improving my ear or working with new gear. On top of this, they typically grant me a chance to organize and handle large amounts of files, which happens to be something I am quite good at.

All of this being said, I am a multi-faceted audio engineer that has a knack for music editing, mixing, and multiple other skillsets, including some non-audio related things too!

Skills AND Technology

Adobe Creative Cloud, Audio Outboard Gear, A/V Technician, C#, Dante Audio Networking, FMOD, Lighting/Electrics, Location Recording, Mac OS, Microphones, Mixing Desks, Pro Tools, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design, Studio Engineering, Unity, Video Editing, Video Game Design, Window OS, Wwise